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Dream Act

November 22, 2016 | Posted by Business Immigration Group | Permalink
Immigration changes are widely expected to be a key focal point in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. Although we do not yet have details on how specific policies and programs will be affected, below is a summary of some potential implications of the election on business immigration. read more
December 22, 2010 | Posted by Ted Ruthizer, Business Immigration Co-Chair | Permalink

The DREAM Act would have granted a lawful status to the many young persons raised in the United States, who were brought here at an early age and who know no other home.  To benefit from the Act, individuals would have been required to either attend college for at least two years or volunteer for military service. This would have been a very good deal for America, and the bill’s defeat in the Senate by a mere five votes (55 to 41) was particularly cruel and senseless.  As we all know, the way the Senate operates, a 60 vote super majority is needed to avoid a filibuster to allow a bill to proceed to a vote on the merits. That is particularly tough to do if one party doesn’t want to play ball, and the Republicans clearly were not interested in joining the game.

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